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"When did I last change the oil?"
"What does each vehicle in my fleet cost to operate per mile?"
"Did fuel economy improve after replacing the fuel filter?"
"How many miles did I drive for business last year?"
"When is my vehicle due for service?"
"How much did I spend on maintenance last year?"

Answer these questions and many more with MotorNotes™,
the award winning vehicle management software by Hale Solutions Inc.

Don't waste time searching through stacks of receipts or paper log books. MotorNotes™ puts all the information you need at your fingertips for all of your vehicles: work truck, fleet car, commuter, RV, track car, or motorcycle.

Our Users   Example Industries
Government agencies   Police, fire, emergency medical
Municipalities   Construction, building maintenance
Large multi-national corporations   Farming, ranching, landscaping
Small businesses   Transportation, vehicle dealership
Individuals   Mining
    Enthusiast vehicles
    Many more

Our customers span the globe, residing on six continents.

  PO Box 5190 • Beaverton OR 97006-0190 • USA

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